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This site contains information about faceting colored stones, as well as facts about different stones and their properties. Hopefully, it can be a resource to return to over and over again.
      This site is aimed at both the hobby cutter and anyone who might just be interested. There has been a lack of information about faceting in swedish and hopefully more people will discover how interesting and fun this subject is. I've made an english version, so as not to exclude the major part of humanity. I've worked for several years in the jewelry industry and noticed that there is quite an interest among the consumers. Hopefully this site will present answers to some of the questions out there.
       For anyone considering getting engaged, who has just started to learn about brilliants, there is a section below "Faceting" that is called "Cutting a round brilliant". It shows all the steps required to cut a round brilliant, albeit not the most common standard round brilliant.        My name is Frida Lindholm and I've been faceting since November 2001. It's a fascinating hobby that I hope you'll enjoy.